Boca Raton Resort, Florida

image11The Cloisters at Boca Raton Resort & Club was completed in 1926 and is situated on 356 acres in Palm Beach, South Florida.  It embraces the purpose and design of the original vision of renowned architect Addison Mizner. This eclectic, private village on the Intercoastal and Atlantic Ocean offers the best of all worlds.

image17The Boca Resort Tower was built in 1973 and is currently (2011) undergoing floor by floor reservations.  It offers amazing views of the Ocean, Intercoastal and surrounding neighborhoods.

image10Charming fountains adorn the Cloister property.

image16Trees and grounds decorated for Christmas.

image18The Historic Cloister Building, Tower and grounds.

image13Elaborate sand castle on the ocean beach, just in front of the Boca Beach Resort.

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